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Cherokee Health Systems
Cherokee Health Systems

Did you know that we have our own on-site school-based Cherokee Health Systems clinic?

Michelle Whitelaw, a family nurse practioner, and her staff provide a wide range of medical and behavioral health services for Newport Grammar School students and thier families, school staff, NGS retired teachers/employees, city and county school board members, county school system administrators and administrative staff, and City of Newport employees. These services include allergy injections, treatment for acute illnesses, well-child visits, school and sports physicals, immunizations, hearing and vision screenings, pediatric behavioral health services and more!

The clinic is open Monday through Friday, 7:30-4:30 (last scheduled appointment is 4:00), even if school is closed.

Call (423)-623-4893 for more information or to schedule an appointment!

Most private and public insurances are accepted and sliding fee discounts are available to those without insurance and who meet certain income requirements. 



Newport Grammar School Cherokee Health Systems Clinic

Who are we? A health care clinic located within Newport Grammar School seeing patients year round, Monday through Friday 7:30am - 4:30 pm.


Who works in our clinic? A professional team comprised of a Family Nurse Practioner (on site & Telemed), Nurse, Therapist and Receptionist.


Who can be seen in our clinic? Students of Newport Grammar School, staff of the school and immediate family members of students and staff, retired Newport Grammar School employees/teachers, City & County School System Board members & families, County School System administrators & families, City employees & families.

*Please note that students can be seen in the Cherokee Clinic during the regular school day when accompanied by their parent and/or with parent permission and a school nurse referral. No student will be sent to the Cherokee Clinic without parent permission. 


What services are provided? Patients are seen for sick visits, routine health screenings, well-child visits, sports physicals, immunizations, lab-testing, minor injuries, behavioral health services and referrals as needed to other specialists. 


How does this help you? When you are sick you have immediate access to health care at your workplace and for students at their school. Convenient for parents, verbal permission is given and the patient can be seen in the clinic. This benefit limits the time away from work and school.


How are services paid? We will submit claims to insurance companies, standard co-pays will apply. If you are without insurance we will provide services on a sliding scale based on income and offer discounted charges for lab services. 


We look forward and are honored to serve your healthcare needs.

Please call 423-623-4893 to schedule an appointment, consent forms and registration forms will be required. 


320 Eighth Street

Newport, Tennessee 37821

Phone: (423) 623-4893

Fax: (865) 225-2187