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For this school year, TNReady TCAP will include Reading/Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. TCAP is provided in modified formats, including Braille and large print for students with visual impairments.


APPLICABLE FEDERAL/STATE LAW:   No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b) and T.C.A §49-1-602 pertaining to district and school accountability. ELSA is administered in accordance with the No child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b)(3)(ix-x).  Modified assessments in Braille and large print are administered in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b)(3)(C)(ix)(II).

PURPOSE & USE:   This test is given to help measure how much a student grows academically over the course of a school year. A student's performance on this assessment will count for 15% of their final semester average in the subject area.


Grades 3 - 8: April 13 - May 8

LENGTH OF ASSESSMENT (for more information click HERE)

•  English: 162 - 230 minutes
•  Mathematics: 82 - 125 minutes
•  Science: 95 - 104 minutes
•  Social Studies: 50 minutes

RESULTS TO PARENTS & STUDENTS:  Reports will be distributed to students by the school following their arrival from the TNDOE. Quick Score grades will be printed on students' final report cards for the school year (if available in time).

FACT SHEET ON ASSESSMENT (for more information click HERE)


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (for more information click HERE)