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Universal Screener

Purpose and Use
These screenings are mandated by state policy and help support our “Response to Instruction and Intervention”(RTI) initiative. Students who demonstrate a need for intervention are required by state policy to participate in progress monitoring.


Date of Administration
August/September (K-8)
November/December (K-8)
February/March (K-8)
May (K-2)


Grades Administered
These assessments are administered three times per year to all students in grades 3-8 and four times per year in grades K-2 during times known as “Universal Screenings.”


Results to Parents and Students
These results will be utilized by school personnel to tailor the design of each child’s intervention. Students who are making expected progress are identified as Tier I. Those students who are identified through RTI as Tier II or Tier III are in need of intervention. Parents of students identified as Tier II or Tier III will be notified through written communication or conference.