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Newport City School Board -- Five-Year Strategic Plan

Newport City Board of Education

Five-Year Strategic Plan




1.   To positively impact student achievement in all curricular programs.

a.     Focus on providing high quality instruction to maximize student learning, using best practice teaching strategies.  

b.     Continue to research and implement effective/high quality teaching strategies.

c.     Develop and maintain clean, positive, safe, and dynamic classrooms.

d.     Effectively use data to set goals, set expectations, and plan instruction.

e.     Schedule intervention and identify gaps.


2.   To securely and effectively integrate leading educational technology.

a.     Focus on modernizing technologies currently in place.

b.     Continue to improve ratio between students and instructional technology devices.

c.      Provide ongoing teacher training to support the introduction of new devices/systems.


3.   To recruit, retain, and develop a high quality staff.

a.     Provide needed/desired professional development based on individual teacher needs.

b.     Develop and implement a high quality mentorship program for new and low performing teachers.

c.      Providing competitive salary schedule comparable with surrounding school systems


4.   To enhance communication, collaboration, and involvement with school stakeholders, local organizations, and business leaders.

a.     Provide regular opportunities for parent/community involvement with the school.

b.     Develop and maintain updated communication tools (websites, newsletters, etc...)

c.     Host monthly parent/community involvement events.

d.     Provide opportunities for parents/community stakeholders to be involved in and/or support the student curriculum.


5.   To maintain and enhance instructional facilities.

a.     Reroofing project of third floor of the main building.

b.     Replacement of cooling tower for the cafeteria wing of the main building.

c.     Reroofing project of the cafeteria.

d.     Maintenance/replacement of infrastructure components.